Bookkeeping, Rent Collection, and Financial Management Services

We utilize Yardi Property Management software, an advanced accounting program to record transactions and produce accurate real time reports and financial statements. The timely collection of rent and other income is a top priority for any investment property. When dealing with less punctual tenants, we employ an aggressive collection system, combining constant personal reminders with strict enforcement of late charges and “3-Day Notice” delivery when necessary.

Rent Collection and Adjustment

Prompt and reliable rent payment is the forefront of any rental property owner's worries. While our thorough screening process for potential tenants mitigates late payments, when payments don't occur on time, a property owner must have a reliable mechanism in place for assessing late penalties and collecting the resulting fees. At The Renken Company, we handle all aspects of rent and fee collection for each tenant under our purview. This full-service approach includes monthly billing, scheduled rent collection, and the issuing of all past-due notifications and fees, as well as late fee collection.

Based on changing market conditions, rent adjustments may be necessary. If you do not have enough knowledge about the rental market in your area, you may miss out on the opportunity to generate additional revenues. Ensuring property owners manage their real estate investments more wisely, we make data-informed decisions about the rental property, including rate estimates and other information, so we can further improve upon the value of the investment.