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The Renken Company provides exceptional, personalized commercial real estate brokerage services. Our brokers and agents have a thorough knowledge of the markets we serve and the analytical tools to understand the true value a property possesses. We pride ourselves on constantly striving to meet the objectives of our clients by acting as the intermediary between buyers and sellers, and landlords and tenants. We are committed to making every transaction a positive and financially rewarding experience for our clients.

Leasing | Marketing

Effective marketing and leasing are crucial to maintaining cash flow and asset value. By utilizing internet-based sites, direct mail, color flyers, property signs, and diligent follow-ups, we have what it takes to ensure the highest quality occupancy for the property. In the event a third party leasing company other than The Renken Company is preferred, our management company utilizes a team approach in order to assist the leasing agent in any way necessary to optimize the benefit to the property and its owner.

As both property owners and property managers, we know real estate investors can ill-afford to tie-up valuable cash flow in costly real estate that may be poorly suited to your objectives. Needing additional capital for other areas of business or perhaps a new space, we understand leasing a commercial rental property often makes more financial sense than buying. We're prepared to help you find commercial property that suits your goals.

If you're seeking to lease your own investment property, we work on behalf of owners to aggressively negotiate lease terms that best fit your investment objectives, as well as prepare all of the important documentation. Our secret in aggressively leasing properties is to create an action plan, implement a detailed program tailored for your property, and ensure potential tenants looking for a space will have to take look at your property first. This is achieved through a combined marketing and pricing program that will put your property at the head of the list for potential tenants.

  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Marketing Evaluation & Rental Pricing

  • Active Cooperation with Brokers

  • Tenant Screening

  • Lease Preparation

  • Lease Renewal Negotiations

We prepare a well-documented Rental Agreement and meet with the tenant to carefully go over the contract with them and answer any questions in an effort to establish a friendly rapport and give further details concerning the stipulations of the lease agreement. We want our relationship with the tenant positive and professional.

Acquisition | Disposition – Buying and Selling

Buying and selling real estate continues to require an ever-greater level of knowledge and expertise. Originally founded as an appraisal company, The Renken Company goes well beyond the typical processes used when analyzing the value of a real estate investment. After a preliminary value is established, a thorough study of the market trends, competing properties, and investor objectives are factored into an overall plan of attack. Whether buying or selling, proper representation should be your first priority.

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