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Your Property, Our Priority!

Congratulations on your commercial real estate investment! But, now what?! The purchase is just half of the equation equalling success.

To produce a valuable, income-generating property, you must have the most experienced, client-focused property management services team by your side. You need The Renken Company to execute the tasks required for driving ROI to your commercial property, mixed-use, and multifamily properties.

Successful commercial property management means achieving perfect harmony - a balance between income and cost, landlord and tenants, and marketing and sales. To achieve this, we utilize a combination of technology and hustle to ensure complete efficiency and profitability for commercial real estate owners. And, in partnering with The Renken Company, rest assured that you have the best property management professionals available: 50+ years of combined industry experience; financial literacy; and pure commitment that guarantees your investment property generates the maximum amount of value.

As a full-service commercial real estate firm, The Renken Company offers comprehensive property management services for industrial, office, retail, multi-family, and special purpose properties. All commerical real estate under management are located in Southern California, predominantly in the San Gabriel Valley and Western Inland Empire.

As a current or potential property owner, you may likely realize property ownership is one of the best investments a person can make in their lifetime. While the commercial real estate itself is extremely significant, often it is more important for you to choose the right property management company to steward the property and real estate investment on your behalf. From the day-to-day operations to strategic decision making, a property management team will make critical decisions on behalf of property owners each and every day. For this reason, you must thoroughly research commercial real estate firms with an emphasis on property management to ensure you hire the best property manager for both you and your property. However, a property manager is only as good as the team behind the scenes. Our dedicated support team provides the backing necessary in safeguarding each property, assuring each owner's real estate investment is in the best possible hands.

Continue reading below to learn how our commercial property managers can handle the day-to-day needs of your property, minimize your vacancies, and maximize your bottom line.


At The Renken Company, we establish a personalized management plan for each property focused on maximizing value by controlling expenses, generating income, and executing capital projects in a timely manner. Past, current, and future clients include individuals, trusts, partnerships, corporations, and the federal government. For more than 25 years, our property management team has provided professional, hands-on, bottom-line oriented property management services designed to protect and enhance the value of each client’s asset.

Utilizing our commercial property management services, clients can determine the status of their investments simply by reviewing an up-to-date monthly “property report”, freeing them from the day-to-day concerns associated with rental property management. In partnering with us, we ensure that the value of our clients' properties are continually enhanced by obtaining the maximum possible market rent and implementing cost-effective maintenance and operating procedures. All property management decisions are approached with the number one goal of achieving the highest possible return on the client’s investment. As such, The Renken Company's Commercial Property Management Division is trusted and respected by owners and tenants alike.

Management Transition - Change is good…and easy!

Are you're interested in hiring a new property management team, but you're not quite sure how to start the process? Here, at The Renken Company, we offer a hassle-free, all-inclusive commercial property "set up," which is achieved by a systematic start-to-finish process. Our expert team of property managers have the ability to take over any property at a moment’s notice while paying particular attention to every last detail.

Offering you the much-needed freedom you hope would follow the hiring of a property management company, by choosing The Renken Company, a full-service commercial real estate firm, you can rest assured knowing our property management team is well-equipped and well-prepared to best manage your investment. Since 1994, we've offered commercial real estate solutions such as all-inclusive property management services for various types of commercial real estate and as with each property type and each property, there is specific knowledge and experience relevant in appropriately managing different kinds of real estate.

5 Step Takeover Process

  1. Account Set-Up (bookkeeping, bank account, rent roll)

  2. Tenant Notification (welcome letters, personal follow-up, emergency contact forms)

  3. Vendor Notification (transfer letters, authorization forms, billing corrections)

    -- Utilities

    -- Maintenance Contracts

    -- Service Providers (Landscapers, Janitorial)

  4. Property Inspection (grounds, roof, interior)

  5. Lease/Contract Review (abstracting, file creation, status)

Property Management: Catering To Your Needs

Believing ourselves to be true shepherds of your investment, our property managers boast an unwavering commitment to service. In fact, we've established our esteemed reputation on the dependability, expertise, and amiability of our highly-regarded property managers.

With over half a century of experience, listed below are a few ways our property managers protect your investment:

  • Lease administration, including collecting, tenant correspondence, and evictions

  • Targeted prospecting and tenant retention programs (i.e. appreciation events, raffles, etc.)

  • Comprehensive vendor management

  • Annual budget preparation & CAM reconciliation

  • Comprehensive financial management including, operating expenses, debt services, property taxes, disbursements, and insurance

  • Budget and expense control, operating cost reduction plans

  • Reserve account management

  • Customized monthly and year end reporting

  • Regular inspections and evaluations

  • 24/7 Emergency Response

  • Building maintenance service


For more than a quarter-century, The Renken Company’s Property Management Division has provided the region’s most complete and cost-effective management services to both commercial and residential rental property owners throughout Southern California. Day and night, we focus on the details of effective property oversight. At the same time, we never lose sight of the big picture of convenience and fiscal responsibility.

Whether you own just one single-family unit or dwellings spread across multiple locations, with The Renken Company, you’ll find customizable services that fit your needs to a tee. Furthermore, we also provide our clients with an open level of access and commitment by providing our office numbers, cell phone numbers, and personal e-mail addresses to ensure we’re available day and night. Comprehensive, reliable, and proven, our property management services are routinely updated to meet the ever-changing demands of the commercial real estate industry, giving our clients confidence their properties and tenants are being tended to with the most updated software and procedures.

Focused on maintaining the financial success of your property while freeing you from the confusion and stress of property ownership tasks, with the support and guidance of our commercial property management team, a combined 75+ years of real estate experience, you can certainly enjoy the benefits of being a property owner without the frustration and headaches that usually accompany the management of your own investment property.

We prepare a well-documented Rental Agreement and meet with the tenant to carefully go over the contract with them and answer any questions in an effort to establish a friendly rapport as well as give further details concerning the stipulations of the lease agreement. We want our relationship with the tenant to be positive and professional.

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Understanding each property presents unique opportunities and challenges, we begin by establishing a personalized management plan for each specific property as it relates to the owner's objectives. Acting on behalf of the owners/landlords, our commercial property managers oversee various types of rental properties such as multi-family residential, commercial, industrial, apartment complexes, condominium units, and retail shopping centers. Understanding their TRUE employers are the clients they represent, our property managers are fortunate to oversee some of the area's most desirable properties.

Employing a value-add strategy, our team remains focused on not only protecting our client's assets but also devising an approach to increase the value of the investment. Evaluating information for both value and veracity, the alertness of our Property Managers safeguards the security and satisfaction of both owners and tenants. Creating and maintaining rapport between landlords and tenants, the patience and tact along with the credibility of The Renken Company's Property Management Division confirm we can skillfully navigate complex situations and concepts. Whether you have one rental unit or hundreds, managing a property can be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful - leading most owners to hire property managers.

In property management, responsibilities often involve the handling of all financial, legal, and administrative aspects of operating a rental property. Essentially taking on all of the functions of an owner, property managers offer owners/landlords the opportunity to make money without having to do a lot of hands-on work. Requiring a lot of time, effort, experience, and knowledge, property management is essential for the success of your investment property. For more than a quarter-of-a-century, our support, guidance, and professional services are sure to save you valuable time and energy, while allowing your investment to flourish.

As a commercial property owner, you have to be accountable for both tenants as well as yourself. As your commercial property managers, we, too, can handle both sides of the coin. We strive to improve the potential of your property and your tenant's satisfaction.


Over the course of our 25-year history, we've had the pleasure of managing some of Southern California's most beautiful real estate included within a variety of property types such as:

  • Retail: Storefront buildings; Neighborhood shopping centers; Free-standing buildings; Convenience stores; Department stores; Grocery stores/supermarkets; Auto-repair; Fast-food restaurants; Family-style restaurants; Mixed-use Retail/Residential; Retail/Office; Retail/Warehouse

  • Office/Business Park: Conventional office buildings; Medical office buildings; Boutique medial office buildings; Professional office buildings; Creative office buildings; Mixed-use residential and office buildings

  • Industrial: Warehouse; Storage distribution; R&D (research & development) Heavy Industrial; Light Industrial; Manufacturing; Food-processing; Showroom; Refrigeration/ cold storage

  • Multi-Family Residential: Apartment complexes; Mid-rise apartments


As one of the foremost commercial property management companies Southern California has to offer, The Renken Company provides owners with the ultimate peace of mind. Entrusting our team with their most valued investment, property owners know we'll get to the bottom of their concerns with meticulous attention to detail. Fully understanding that you have high expectations (as you should!) for your commercial rental property, we support our clients with industry-leading property management services. Through an evaluation of your property, we can provide detailed documentation of your property's aesthetics, gather data on comparable rental rates, and make recommendations for improvements that work to increase your property's value. In marketing your property to prospective tenants, our property managers handle all activities associated with tenant turnover, create ads to help market the property, and work diligently throughout the screening process to select the most suitable tenants.

Once a tenant has been chosen by the property, the fun begins. We handle all aspects of tenant management from lease construction and analysis to move-in, rent collection and even evictions. Being your partner in all aspects of tenant relations, we manage the correspondence with both existing and prospective tenants. Furthermore, decades of experience in this commercial real estate industry means that we can offer time-tested legal and financial guidance as they pertain to your investment property. From California codes and property tax obligations, we can help. Freeing owners from the day-to-day activities associated with property management, we take care of any and allmaintenance related activities. If you find you want to make changes, repairs, or even remodel, our property management team can oversee everything from researching the best pricing, assigning the job, and supervising the crew. Though we may not be physically located at the property, you would never be able to tell as we're always by your side. Our support and software allow you to check-in from anywhere in the world to ensure that you're in the know!

We provide consultation, analysis, and commercial property management to generate growth and return on your investment and protect the longevity of your property investment


Asset Management

Our commercial property management team develops and implements customized asset management strategies that focus on value creation through proactive management, aggressive leasing, and efficient operations. With a depth of marketing and management expertise at our disposal, we are able to deliver superior service for different commercial property types from multi-family and industrial to office and retail.

  • Full-service, All-inclusive Property Management

  • Lease Supervision and Lease Proposal Analysis

  • Long-term Investment Strategies

  • Cash-flow Analysis

  • Pro-forma Analysis

  • Risk Analysis

  • Identifying Buy|Sell|Financing Opportunities

Industrial Property Management

Our property management team consists of skilled managers who think as property owners and use their tried-and-true strategies and expertise to find effective solutions to all property-related issues, so that the objectives and needs of our clients and tenants are met. Our property managers are supported with the latest technolgy and information systems that help our clients by saving time, minimizing costs, and maximizing transparency.

  • Building Maintenance & Repairs

  • Monthly Financial Accounting Statement

  • Lease Administration

  • Tenant Retention Programs

  • Vendor Management & Contract Administration

  • CAM & Operating Expense Reconciliation

  • Property Inspections

  • Tenant Improvement Coordination

  • Evictions and Collections

  • 24/7 Emergency Response

Apartment Management

While owning or managing an apartment complex brings a unique set of challenges, here at The Renken Company, we've spent years developing procedures and implementing systems to make our cleint's investment as profitable as possible. We manage apartment communities of all sizes, providing quality management services to suit the diverse needs of each apartment community. We provide comprehensive rental management focued on tenant retention, rent collection, property maintenance and rent ready repairs, rental analysis, marketing, and lease execution as well as enforcement.

Our professional, considerate, and responsive managers help tenants feel welcomed and appreciated. Our experience confirms we can lower your vacancy rates, while raising the return-on-investment for your property. Our expertise and professionalism translate to profitable ad worry-free investments for our cleints.

  • Move-In and Move-Out Reports

  • Serving Legal Notices & Proceedings

  • Rental Agreement & Enforcement

  • Building Maintenance & Repairs

  • Monthly Financial Accounting Statement

  • Lease Administration

  • Tenant Retention Programs

  • Vendor Management & Contract Administration

  • CAM & Operating Expense Reconciliation

  • Property Inspections

  • Tenant Improvement Coordination

  • Evictions & Collections

  • 24/7 Emergency Response

Commercial Property Management

Managing commercial properties requires different expertise than the management of residential buildings. While there is some overlap in the skills required, a property owner or real estate investor should look for a property management company that is either specifically dedicated to commercial property management or has a team devoted exclusively to commercial. Established upon a firm commitment to service more than a quarter-century ago, The Renken Company has built its esteemed reputation upon its premiere all-inclusive Commercial Property Management services.

  • Investment strategies & development opportunities

  • Lease proposals

  • Cash flow & General Financials

  • Risk

Our past, current, and future clients include individuals, trusts, partnerships, corporations, and the federal government. You can trust that we have experience managing mulitmillion-dollar portfolios in addition to providing large scale professional facilities management.

Corporate Services

Our property management specialists rely on the broad resources within the company to assist corporations and financial institutions with owned real estate and leasehold interests. As one of the leading commercial real estate firms in California, we have gained the respect of corporate clients by offering superior service through strategic partnerships that address the specialized needs of each client.

The client is then able to focus on core business procedures while increasing the productivity of its real estate assets. Our highly trianed property managers and commercial real estate professionals are assists by unparraled technological and managerial support, providing a full array of services through a single point of contact by meeting with the client's key excutives and managerial staff, we offer an indepedent involvement with the planning and implementation process, the company is able to respond to its customers specific real estate needs quickly and efficiently.

  • Facilities Maintenance & Management

  • Lease Administration & Auditing

  • Financial & Operations Auditing

  • Financial Reporting

  • Strategic Planning & Benchmarking

  • Cost Containment Analyses

  • Energy Use | Meter Auditing

  • Real Estate Investment Consulting


Call 909/482-1060, or send an email to We can answer your questions or set an initial appointment. Call today for more information and a detailed consultation on the optimal management approach for your unique circumstances. To give you the most complete answers possible, in most instances, you will meet or speak with the President and Vice President of Real Estate Operations or the President of The Renken Company, not simply a company representative.

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