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Income   All adult applicants are required to have verifiable income, which must equal at least 3 times the monthly rent.  Each applicant must provide his/her 4 most-recent paycheck stubs as proof of income.
Employment   All adult applicants must be presently employed with job history that includes 6 months with his/her current employer.
Rental   A rental history check will be based on the length of rental history and payment records.  Any evictions or monies still owed on another rental property will result in an application being declined. 
CoSigner/Guarantors   Co-Signer’s/Guarantors are not accepted
Application   Each roommate, each parent, and each adult who will be living in an apartment must submit a separate application and must pay a non-refundable application processing fee of $35.00
Convictions   Certain felony convictions against an applicant may result in an application being declined
Occupants   The number of occupants in an apartment may not exceed the designated number per floor plan as shown below. 
Apartment Size     Max Occupants
1 Bedroom     2
2 Bedroom     4
3 Bedroom     6
  Any false information on the application automatically disqualifies the applicant.  
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  By accessing the rental application, you are agreeing that you meet all leasing requirements.  
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How to Submit
  1. Download PDF Application & fill out in detail.
2. Upload completed application along with proof of income.
3. Email or Fax the completed application and proof of income to main office:
Email: kim.jones@renkenco.com
Fax: (???) ???-????
Office: (626) 963-4575
Cell: (626) 375-0400
4. A confirmation email will be sent upon application submission.