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Property Management - Your Property, Our Priority!



The Renken Company offers full-service property management to industrial, office, retail, multi-family, and special purpose properties.  All properties under management are located in Southern California, predominantly in the San Gabriel Valley and Western Inland Empire.

Professional Services
We establish a personalized management plan for each property focused on maximizing value by controlling expenses, generating income, and executing capital projects in a timely manner.

Past, current, and future clients include individuals, trusts, partnerships, corporations, and the federal government. We provide professional, hands-on, bottom-line oriented property management services designed to protect and enhance the value of each client’s asset. Utilizing our property management services, the client can determine the status of their investment simply by reviewing an up-to-date monthly “property report”, freeing the client from the day-to-day concerns associated with rental property management.  We ensure that the value of the client’s property is continually enhanced by obtaining the maximum possible market rent and implementing cost effective maintenance and operating procedures. All property management decisions are approached with the number one goal of achieving the highest possible return on the client’s investment.

Management Transition  - Change is good…and easy!
We offer a hassle-free, all inclusive property "set up" which is achieved by The Renken Company in a systematic start-to-finish process.  We have the ability to take over any property on a moment’s notice, while paying particular attention to every last detail.

      5 Step Takeover Process

  • Account Set Up (bookkeeping, bank account, rent roll)
  • Tenant Notification (welcome letters, personal follow-up,
    emergency contact forms)
  • Vendor Notification (transfer letters, authorization forms,
    billing corrections)
    • Utilities
    • Maintenance Contracts
    • Service Providers (Landscapers, Janitorial)
  • Property Inspection (grounds, roof, interior)
  • Lease/Contract Review (abstracting, file creation, status)
Property Management Services
Bookkeeping & Rent Collections
Property Administration / Tenant Relations
Maintenance / Emergency Response
To Our Clients / Colleagues