--- Property Administration ---

Maintaining an up to date filing system, conducting annual reviews, and utilizing “diplomatic” enforcement of the provisions of each lease agreement are necessary for the operation of any rental income property. Aside from the diligent pursuit of the financial obligations of a lease, the successful landlord/tenant relationship relies heavily on a clear understanding of all the terms and conditions contained in the lease. Examples of the processes necessary for the efficient administration of lease files are as follows:

  • Lease review, abstracting, and auditing

  • Lease accounting

  • CAM estimating and reconciliation

  • Rent Escalation recording, Option monitoring

  • Repair/Maintenance requirements

  • Database integrity

--- Tenant Relations ---

Property management is much more than bookkeeping and maintenance. Today it requires the ability to plan and implement effective tenant retention strategies. A focused effort to be responsive and fair is essential. We serve the client and the tenant by maintaining positive relationships through frequent correspondence and timely inspections of the property. Becoming a familiar face is imperative to our success and that of our clients.