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Southland Data Processing (SDP) | Board of Directors, Shareholder (since 2008)

“Since 1986 we have helped businesses like yours streamline accounting and payroll, manage human resources, control cost, and stay current with technology, laws and regulations.

Most of us grew up hearing stories of fairy tales that end with happily ever after. Similar to fairy tales, our story starts a long time ago when SDP was just a dream that was built from the heart of a wonderful couple, Peter and Elizabeth Carroll. The Carroll’s entrepreneurial spirit fueled the fire to build an organization that grew based on trust and relationships."

McKenna Labs | Board of Directors, Shareholder (since 2010)

"Since founding McKenna Labs in 1998, we’ve worked hard to build a business that you can trust. Feel secure knowing that your products are being manufactured by a highly-experienced team dedicated to delivering quality products on time. McKenna Labs is a full-service personal care contract manufacturer located in Fullerton, CA. Since its inception in 1998, the company continues to serve as the most reliable link in its customers’ supply chain. Led by founder and CEO Dennis Owen, McKenna’s team is a proven asset to its customers, providing innovation, technical and regulatory support, expedited solutions, and much more from its 135,000-square foot facility. Whatever the need may be, McKenna constructs solutions…not walls."

National Thermal Processing | Board of Directors, Shareholder (since 2017)

“We have over 25 years of combined experience in the industry! With our new up-to-date equipment, trained personnel, and vast knowledge of the industry we have made a commitment to ourselves and our customers to produce nothing but the best quality and customer service. National is continually expanding and adding more equipment as needed to fulfill our customers’ requirements. At National, we strive to be known as on-time, trusted, communicative, and reliable.”

Chatfield Clarke LLC | Owner, Managing Partner (since 2020)

Chatfield Clarke Logo
“Supplying School Classrooms Since 1963. All of our products are teaching tools for your walls. Vinyl and fabric covered wall panels are long lasting, fire resistant, aesthetically pleasing and offer the following features and benefits. We have a long history of manufacturing high quality tackboard with an Earth friendly attitude. All of our in stock vinyl's are made by RJF International® and are Greenguard® Certified. We are offering, in stock, 20% recycled vinyl's as a matter of course. Our substrate is a wood fiber board. It is 98% recycled. The Sourcing of the raw material is 85% post-industrial, 10% from recyclers of wood materials and 5% preconsumer. We are the only Tack Board Company that can pin perforate the panels AFTER the vinyl has been laminated to the board. A product that breathes! It reduces the potential for mold & mildew growth. We are the first and so far the only manufacturer to be listed on the CHPS® (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) Low-Emitting Materials Table. Membership alone was not enough!”

Mountain View Packaging

Packaging is the science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale and use. Packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation and production of packages. Packaging can also be described as a coordinated system of preparing goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use. Packaging contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs and sells.

We want to be a true business partner. MVP will come to your facility and review and make recommendations to your packaging needs. We have a sales team that is extremely knowledgeable with numerous years in the manufacturing of corrugated, void fill and the stretch film industries.

Company name: The Renken Company
Year founded: 1994
President: John Renken (G1)

How did The Renken Company begin?
“I spent four years with a national real estate firm after college before launching The Renken Company in 1994. My father, Keith, had recently founded Renken Enterprises (1993), and I was inspired to forge my own path in a way that would allow me to contribute my real estate expertise to my father's venture. During this season, my father, brother, Bob, and I would meet every Friday for breakfast to talk about how we could work together toward our individual passions. These regular meet-ups created a time for us to collaborate and evaluate the various opportunities that were presented to us for consideration. This comradery fostered a time where we identified our roles and learned from one another while staying connected as a family.”

How do you measure success?
“It’s not a monetary measure by any means. Early on, our parents showed us the importance of giving back their time and efforts to the community.”

What is some of the worst advice you have ever been given?
“Just get it done––Finishing a task with the mentality of simply completing the task isn’t the best reflection on yourself and the team. As a family, we strive to show up, give it our best effort, and go above and beyond of what’s asked.”

In your opinion, what are the keys to success?
“Follow the rule of harvest: You reap what you sow. Give back to the community.”

What is the most memorable thing you learned from your mother or father?
“Just getting things done to check off a box isn’t a path to success. The work that you put out is a reflection upon oneself and the family.”