Maintenance | Emergency Response

Property Maintenance & Repairs

The goal of any successful maintenance program is to protect and continually enhance the condition of the property. In doing so, the property will attract quality tenants which will help sustain the highest possible occupancy and rent levels. Our Property Managers oversee all aspects of building maintenance, including, but not limited to, routine maintenance, repairs, inspections, cleaning, vacancy preparations, and landscaping.

Maintaining your rental property, as well as being available to deal with emergency repairs can be a source of frustration for landlords. At The Renken Company, our staff of in-house technicians ensures we can complete maintenance requests as quickly as possible - allowing us to pass the savings on to our clients. When necessary, we also have a network of trusted vendors for specialized work, some of which we have been using for over two decades. This relationship translates to purchasing power, which helps our clients get a better than market price for both labor and equipment.

When we begin management, we work in conjunction with the owner/landlord to determine guidelines as to expenses and repair approval limits.

As a landlord, you are responsible for maintaining your commercial rental property, ensuring it is safe for both tenants and guests. However, in partnering with our property managers, we'll oversee common area maintenance activities such as managing the amenities, landscaping, removing trash and debris from the property, touching up peeling paint, and cleaning the gutters (just to name a few). In order to efficiently deal with routine and emergency situations, a property owner or management team must also have access to reputable vendors and contractors.

With our many years in the property management business, we have developed a large pool of contractors and service providers to draw upon in all fields of repair from general maintenance to landscaping, painting, electrical, plumbing, roofing, and more. Furthermore, since we routinely inspect the property and surrounding area to ensure it is rent ready and meeting our standards, we often suggest repair/improvement projects that will increase the value of the property.

Emergency Response

We maintain 24-hour “live” response to active emergency situations. The safety and security issues surrounding any emergency situation require good judgment and the willingness to take control. Our Property Managers have the experience necessary to protect the property’s interests if and when the need arises.

Our Environment & Energy Efficient Programs

We aim to ensure that each property takes full advantage of new and emerging energy-saving technologies. By doing so, we have integrated responsible environmental practices into our daily operations that challenge us to increase efficiencies and reduce waste. Programs such as retro-fit lighting, utility rebate programs, and irrigation conservation projects have ultimately increased the property's value by the savings that follow.